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Michael Kennedy – Cocoa, FL
I have worked with Andy and Abby for more than a year before I bought a new home in Cocoa, FL. They will be with you every step of the way. Before I retired, I visited with Abby, in May 2104. She gave me all the information I needed to start some preliminary searching. I knew I wanted to be south of Titusville and north of Melbourne. She assured me that this was the area they were very familiar with. When I finally retired in May 2015 I had a good idea where I thought I wanted to be. During the year before I retired Andy and Abby would quickly respond to any questions I had about various neighborhoods and my emails were answered promptly and with complete honesty. When I finally retired, Abby helped me secure a short-term condo rental so I could have a base of operations to work out of while we looked for a new home. It took us about a month to find the right home that fit my needs. Andy was most helpful when we were looking at a home. He pointed out areas that were most important (age of roofs, AC systems, and water heaters). He was also helpful when it came time to make an offer on the home I decided was the one for me. There were not any recent sales in the neighborhood and gave me great guidance in making a reasonable offer, that would not be an insult to all concerned. Abby and Andy worked as a team to set appointments, and refer me to their wide network of professionals that helped in getting me a mortgage, cleaning my home, and finding a painter to freshen the home. Working with Andy and Abby is the kind of professionals I was looking to have on my side. I am sure you will be as happy as I am when you hire them to assist you in making your real estate decisions.
~ Michael Kennedy - Cocoa, FL

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